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About Us

Welcome to Village Children’s Centre of waterdown

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality child care for your child. Research shows that the most important years of your child’s life are the first five. We recognize and embrace this responsibility by providing stimulating, nurturing, educational and age appropriate programs that promote the optimal growth and development of the whole child.

Certified Non-Profit Child Care Centre

Our Centre is government licensed by the Ministry of Community, Family and Children’s Services and we adhere to the regulations of the Day Nurseries Act. Routinely, the centre is inspected by the Ministry, the Health Department and the Fire Department ensuring the centre is operating according to regulations.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are qualified Early Childhood Educators trained in child development, CPR and first-aid. They are individuals who are caring, patient and fun!

Nutrition Food

Good nutrition plays an important role in child development. We provide meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced, fresh and tasty. Meals include a morning snack, hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. All meals include milk, water and juice. For children with special dietary requirements we offer nutritions and delicious meal alternatives.

Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • High quality care in the formative years, the 1st five, plays an essential role in a child’s success throughout their lives.
  • The foundation for optimal development starts with loving, nurturing, and trusting relationships with parents and caregivers.
  • A supportive and nurturing relationship builds self-esteem and promotes a sense of security to encourage the child to explore and discover the world around them.
  • A developmentally appropriate, unique and individual curriculum evolves from careful  observations of the children’s needs and interests in collaboration with knowledge and training in child development.
  • A child-directed and teacher guided curriculum encourages and promotes the child’s involvement and learning flourishes when children are actively involved.
  • Children learn through their play experiences and a child’s play is their work.
  • An environment that acts as a ‘third-teacher’ promotes self-teaching throughout the day.
  • Creativity represents a child’s interpretation and understanding of the world they live in.
  • Children’s art is their unique way of expressing themselves and the process in creating is more important than the end product.
  • Self-help opportunities promote independence and builds a child’s sense of responsibility.
  • Conflict in children demonstrates their individual differences and helps them learn about their own rights while respecting the rights of others.
  • Learning effective ways to problem-solve gives children experience in making decisions.
  • Good nutrition plays an important role in child development.
  • Effective communication between parents and staff builds constructive partnerships that work together for the mutual benefit of the children.
  • A positive, cooperate working environment maintains qualified, caring and happy staff.
  • Providing a positive learning environment that stimulates and enhances the child in all areas of development fosters happy, healthy, well-rounded individuals ready to take on new challenges.